IT Solutions - Dental Partnerships

Dental offices have a unique set of IT needs. Veritas IT Solutions has the experience with these systems and the expertise to create a partnership for success.

We can help take your dental office IT environment to the next level with digital x-rays, enterprise applications, 3D panoramic imaging, paperless records and HIPPA compliance. Working with a dentist and her staff, Veritas IT Solutions helps find the right tools for these systems.

We can help find the best sensor for digital x-rays, the proper vendor for 3D panoramic imaging and software for paperless records. Our HIPPA roadmap ensures your administration, physical and technical safeguards are up to code. Within our current experience, we have worked extensively with Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Kodak Dental Imaging, SoftDent and many other business applications, so we can get right to work with these vendors on your behalf.