IT Solutions - Data Backup Services

Your reliance on data underlines the importance of data backup, but you may not have the resources to manage the process. That’s where Veritas IT Solutions can deliver for your small- to mid-size business and help minimize downtime lost from poor data management.

With Veritas IT Solutions, you can focus on company operations. Our data backup solutions are comprehensive and completely hands-off. And you have the freedom to choose the best way to protect your business information: A dedicated physical backup server/hard drive or online cloud backup. Both solutions are ideal for most businesses as their strengths complement one another.

Features include:

  • Fully automated, built-in monitoring and alerting
  • Fast, easy onsite local backup with a hard drive or server
  • Physical server provides the best recovery time
  • Cloud backup is fully encrypted and secure to meet HIPPA, state and local laws
  • Secure online backup protects against physical damage to the local server or hard drive