IT Solutions - HIPAA Assessment

Many companies struggle to keep up-to-date with HIPAA laws and guidelines. We can be your partner in matching your priorities with the tools and budget necessary for following the law.

At Veritas IT Solutions, we have an assessment procedure that lays out a HIPAA roadmap explaining categories of concern. The plan then finds where your company lands in the spectrum of being up to code, and implements our solutions to help you achieve the long list of standards. We sit down with you to go over document control, establish risk assessment and create an action plan to fulfill all requirements.

We break HIPAA laws down into three categories:

  • Administration Safeguards: Leadership and responsibility of business owners and employees in protecting patient information
  • Physical Safeguards: Tangible protection of documents and servers and authorization of appropriate users
  • Technical Safeguards: Encryption of all digital communication and files and proper handling of data