Lot Genie

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Does your daily commute have you using different parking lots throughout the week? Do you drive to the train station only to find the lot full and have to drive to the next one, leaving you scratching your head at the end of the day for where to find your car? Lot Genie can help. After configuring it with the location of all the possible lots you use, you may never need to open the app again. It automatically tracks when you enter one of those lots and notes the time. Later when you leave work for the day it alerts you to the most recent lot you visited so you know where to find your car. It's entirely automatic.

Note Lot Genie does not track parking lots you haven't configured or locate your car within a given parking lot.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life, though Lot Genie uses the most conservative method available (geofencing).


Vax Track

Vax Track makes it easy to keep track of your entire family's vaccinations and have them with you at all times. Select from a list of commonly available vaccinations based on the individual (human, cat or dog) or enter a custom one. See anyone's vaccination history by medication or date. Track which medications were received, which doctor administered them and any side effects.

Vax Track can also keep of a log of how often someone is sick, what medications they've taken and when. It can be set to remind you of the next medication's dose, which is particularly helpful with children and pets.

Additionally Vax Track can track medications outside of sick events. If you have someone that's on a long-term medication schedule (every x hours or days), it can alert you when it's time for those doses too.

Use Vax Track individually on any iOS 9.0+ device. Or use its built-in cloud synchronization option to sync changes to & from other family members in real-time. When Dad takes the dog to the vet and inputs a new vaccination, it's instantly available to everyone else in your sync account. Never worry about out of date data again.